About Colleen Gray

Photo: Colleen Gray
Thank you for visiting my gallery. ​My medium of choice is ground mineral watercolour paint on synthetic paper. It's a fascinating journey into the unpredictable nature of earth and water and every time I create, I'm left breathless by the beauty of the interactions on the paper beneath my brush. I also play with Arches watercolour paper. My Mother's people are Mi'qmak/Acadian. My Father's people are Irish. The fact that I am an Indigenous artist using water and minerals on the surface of an oil based paper is not lost on me. Oil and water never mix...unless of course, you're an artist. (I love the irony.)

I am very proud to create products from my art that are sold to benefit youth in remote Indigenous schools through the Art for Aid Project. This project has evolved into a dynamic and powerful program that works under the umbrella of the registered Canadian charity, I Love First Peoples. Sales of my original work here on this ColleenGrayArt site are how I pay the bills. For the past 8 years, the products that result from the diversification of my art are the fuel that feeds the Art for Aid Project's demanding shipping and operations budget. The Art for Aid Shop features the secondary products that have been created using my art and I will continue to dedicate myself to building Art for Aid into a national force. My secondary art products, in support of Art for Aid, can be found at www.artforaidshop.ca.

Philanthropic Recognition:

The Governor General of Canada Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteering Colleen Gray - Award Presented September 17, 2021
"... for her role in supporting art exploration through access to art supplies and creative art programs in Canadian remote Indigenous schools through The Art For Aid Project." Art For Aid is a project that is grateful to operate under I Love First Peoples. Together we support dynamic and accessible changes for Indigenous youth across Canada. (artforaidshop.ca, ilfp.ca) Media and Governor General coverage links at https://www.artforaid.ca/media-coverage