Colleen Gray

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Old Woman Dreams

Story: An old woman dreams. The Spirits of the Dreamtime are gifted with gossamer memories of cooking fires, running children, and wild flowers. She is a young Grandmother with visions in her dreams. As she wakens, the Spirits breathe into her hair, gifting her with peaceful visions of the people who live in her beautiful heart. The world is good when we are dreaming of love.

Ground Mineral Watercolour on Synthetic Paper and Acrylic Paint

Signed original work with Certificate of Authenticity and story

Framed 17x21" / (Unframed was 16x20")

NOTE: This painting Old Woman Dreams (as well as Old Man Dreams), is currently also for sale hanging in a local art gallery. You may attempt to purchase here, but if it turns out it has already been sold at the Gallery before our website is updated, your purchase will be refunded.